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About ABISoft

ABISoft Ltd. is a dynamically growing software development company. The core of our team was formed in 1999 year, during the work in w-Technologies representative office. We have experience in the areas of distributed and autonomous systems for mobile devices, WEB-application development, local or remote support of up systems, database administration, development of computer games, etc.

The company develops software products and custom solutions for our clients, and provides technical support for our products. Our development team has wide range of knowledge and experience and always completes projects in time. The company employed experienced, hard-working, responsible professionals in different areas of knowledge.

Feel free to contact us at: @abisoft_mail@

Main focus
  • Development of different kinds of IT systems.
  • Development of monitoring systems for different kinds network and industrial objects
  • Customization and support of software products (operating systems, databases systems), hardware and back-up systems
  • Development of embedded industrial real-time systems.
  • Development of specialized web applications and services (Java/.NET)
  • Development of call-center, health-care and telecommunication applications
  • Application development for Apple and Android mobile devices


   E-mail us: @abisoft_mail@