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PaintWinCE (PocketPC)  

Similar to widespread application Paint.

v 2.0.2
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Key Features:

  • Support for load/save files in standard BMP, JPG and PNG formats
  • 24-bit color support
  • Standard palette and custom RGB color selection
  • Image sizing and stretching
  • Horizontal and vertical flipping
  • Picture zooming
  • Supported tools: Line, Pensil, Ellipse, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Erase, Brush, Eyedrop (color picker), Flood Fill, Text, Air Brush, Smoothing
  • Clipboard support
  • Send picture by e-mail
  • Slide show
  • New brush shapes
  • MRU file list
  • Floating selection
  • Hiding toolbars to maximize visable area
  • Undo command for all tools
  • Redo command
Update Description:
New for 2.0:
  • PNG and JPEG Loading and Saving support
  • Send picture via email
  • Slide Show
  • New drawing tools (Flood Fill, Text, Air Brush, Smoothing)
  • Image flipping and stretching
  • Redo command
  • Bug fixes

Download Details
Version: 2.0.2
Size: about 500k
Price: $14.95
Submitted: 16 Oct 2003
License: Shareware Registration

You can download an installer of EVALUATION version (with limited functionality) of PaintWinCE for PocketPC, PocketPC 2002 (ARM, MIPS, SH3)
You can buy full version
on Handango™ or
on PocketGear.com LLC as well.
NB: Only features of v 1.0 are available in the evaluation version
or or

v 1.0
In the first version the following tools are implemented:  Select, Erase, Eyedrop, Magnify, Pen, Brush, Line, Rect, RoundRect, Oval. Also it is possible to undo last action and load and save files in bmp format.

Download Details
Version: 1.0
Size: about 140k
Submitted: 13 Dec 2002
License: Freeware

You can download an installer of free version of PaintWinCE for PocketPC, PocketPC 2002 (ARM, MIPS, SH3)


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