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LogFileMonitor - log files monitoring application. It alerts when a substring found in the logs. It also able to merge log files into a single one.

The application runs as a windows service.

If Files section defined in the config file then the program looks for the specified lines of text in the log files and notifies configured recipients by e-mail. If Collector section defined in the config file then the program merges the specified log files into a single one (network path supported too).

Config File Format

Description of the config.xml configuration file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
		<ViewedFile Path="" Encoding="">
			<SearchString Value="">
		<InputFile Path="" Encoding=""/>
		<InputFile Path="" Encoding=""/>
		<InputFile Path="" Encoding=""/>

Tag UserSettings defines program settings for logs monitoring and manipulations.
Tag UserSettings permits the following child elements: TimeIntervalBeetwenSendMessage,AdministratorMail, Files, Collector.
Tag TimeIntervalBeetwenSendMessage defines time interval (in seconds) between alarm sending attempts to recipients
Tag AdministratorMail defines email address where program running status (started / stopped / errors / exceptions ) will be sent to. This tag is optional.
Tag Files defines a set of log files
Tag ViewedFile defines a log file
Tag ViewedFile has following attributes:
- Path - full path to the log file
- Encoding - expected encoding of the log file. For example: "UTF-8", "windows-1251", etc
Tag SearchString defines a substring to look for and email recipients for the alerts
Tag SearchString has following attributes:
- Value - search string
Tag SearchString has following child attributes (optional):
- EmailTo - recipient of the notification email
- EmailCC - CC recipient of the notification email
- EmailBcc - BCC recipient of the notification email
- Subject - notification email subject
Tag Collector defines a log files to merge. Tag Collector has the following child tags: InputFile, OutputFile.
Tag InputFile defines a log file to merge.
Tag InputFile has the following attributes:
- Path - full path to the log file for merging
- Encoding - expected encoding for the log file. For example: "UTF-8", "windows-1251", etc
Tag OutputFile defines a path to a file with the result of merging. Result file encoding is UTF-8

Description of the SmtpSettings.xml configuration file:

SMTP server settings located in the SmtpSettings.xml configuration file (in a standard .Net settings format):

<smtp from="{Email From}" deliveryMethod="Network">
	<network host="{SMTP Host}" port="{SMTP Port}" enableSsl="{Use SSL}" 
		userName="{SMTP User Email}" password="{SMTP User Password}" 
			defaultCredentials="{Use as default Credentials}" />

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