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MEDIS version 2  

MEDical Information System for the City Center N1 of children with hearing and speech pathology regenerative treatment)

  1. Audiology center patients accounting
  2. The system is fully adapted with International desease classification, version 10
  3. Reports generation with an opportunity of necessary parameters choice.
  4. Selection of hearing aids. The full information on hearing aids is stored in a DB, including technical parameters.
  5. Storage audiogram in a DB. In the next version there will be an opportunity of showing audiogram graphics and tracking of dynamics of hearing change.
  6. Storage of patient photos in a DB.
  7. Data storage of the anamnesis.
  8. Storage and data processing about the given out hearing aids
  9. Given by the Center of automated information-technological systems (isolated structural division FGUP "Mail of Russia" (http://caits.ru/) the post addresses database, allows to choose automatically the correct postal index and area of city, being based on data of the patient's address.
  10. Storage and processing of patients contact information
Software used:
  1. The system is developed with Gupta Team Developer 2005
  2. SQL Base 9.0.1 is used as a DB
Gupta Team Developer and SQL Base are developed by Gupta Technologies, Llc (http://www.guptaworldwide.com/)


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